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Hope Springs Eternal

My neighbor's house across the street was built on what used to be a small pond.  The water in the pond seemed to come from no where, so I suspected it was fed by a small spring underneath.

To build the house, they "drained" the pond and began digging for the basement and foundation footings.  Before they poured the slab there was always water and mud in the bottom of the pit.  When the slab was poured water came up from some of the lolly columns under the steel beams.  In other words, the water had gone no where.  It's source was still there.

Now, their basement is always damp, they have burned out two sump pumps in 10 years and the current pump runs all the time.

I ran across the circumstance below on a pre-drywall inspection. 













In this house so much water was percolating up under two lolly columns that it was flooding about a third of the basement.  And there is little rain or snow recently, so the water is coming from elsewhere.  The other lolly columns were all dry.  As was the sump pump pit about 40' away!  So water is not being diverted from AROUND the foundation to the pit, at least not yet.  But it is coming up from underneath.

Does this say spring under the house?  When they were scooping out the hole for the basement, did they run into water?  There is a natural creek about 50 yards away, or less.  Is this natural water coming from under the house?

For certain, when this water is pumped out and those squares filled with hand-mixed concrete, that water will not go away. 

I am not a soils engineer or hydrologist so I cannot predict how much of a problem this will be in the future.  The client can HOPE that it isn't one.  I did recommend to the client that she ask the builder to have a hydrologist or other professional look at this and provide her a report.  That would be very prudent.

My recommendation:  water is THE killer of houses, inside and out, in all of its many forms.  It has to be controlled every way possible.  Personally I would NOT discount this circumstance above!  I would want to HOPE that this is NOT an eternal spring!




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