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It's Time To Clean Those Gutters

It's time to clean those gutters.  It's fall.  Leaves fall.  Gutters clog.  Gutters fill.

And water goes where it can.

We have had lots of rain lately.  But no matter where you live, water needs to be controlled, on, around and in homes. 

As I have said before, water is THE killer of houses.

From outdoors it was easy to see the gutter over the family room door was completely full of leaves. 

And it was apparent that this clogging had been happening for some time.

Why can I say that?  Because in addition to the leaves were assorted sticks and even some plants growing there!

That's indication enough to break out the thermal imaging camera.

One stain looks up about 15" above the gutter, so a limb from a tree may have fallen and done some damage to the roof, puncturing a hole in a couple of shingles.

Small holes like that are sometimes not readily visible from outside!

The leaking into the house was not readily visible from inside!

The only way to see this in advance of it's becoming a big issue is with a thermal camera.

The moisture can be clearly visible at the blue and purple spots.  The wicking of moisture into the insulation and/or drywall can be seen at the lavender areas.

The problem(s) are likely easily solved.  And the area can be dried out.

My recommendation:  clean your gutters!  Regularly!  In the fall they may need three, four or five cleanings from fallen leaves.  In the spring they may also need a couple of cleanings because of the oak tree fuzzies and maple tree helicopters.  But keep them clean!  Where the house is in the near proximity of tall trees, solid gutter caps are highly recommended.  Those little screens are not very effective.



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